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I wanted to know which company is better to join?? Cognizant (process associate) or sun technologies (HR it recruiter)??

I am 2016 passout..and want to work in an IT industry..and done testing course also...

Kamchor Facebukiyayou can go for Cognizant (process associate) 

Hello Friends,i am 2017 pass out candidate. which course is better to join and get job in IT field Asap.i learn java but i dont have any thinking logically to do any program(if any interviewer give one logic code i am not getting to do).so please help me guy's which one is better ("Sql with Dba or testing" ) is better ? .Please help me

Kamchor FacebukiyaIf you find difficulty writing programs logic thn go for testing. SQL all alone will not be worthy as openings are very rare for SQL.

hiii,in bjs training do u provide online selenium course?

Kamchor Facebukiyayes , we have started new batch this week so you can call us at 9389333338 for further enquiry